Day one on the trail: Llaqtapata Camp

Day one on the trail: Llaqtapata Camp

Our IBD Adventures Machu Picchu team trekkers set out on the Inca trail this morning, their destination Llaqtapata Camp, at 2800 meters above sea level. The trail can only be described as “flat” – while the team didn’t gain any elevation today, it sure felt like they did!

Day one on the trail: Llaqtapata Camp

Marsha reports feeling the altitude: “I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect when we first arrived in Cusco and yesterday during our Sacred Valley tour I wasn’t feeling 100 per cent. I did manage to sleep OK last night, which helped me this morning and throughout the day.”

The team is quickly coming together, forming a bond that’s hard to describe if you’re not witness to the shenanigans that leave you laughing at merest hint of a joke.

“Dinner was hard to get through,” said . “We were all laughing so hard I’m sure at least one of us fell of our seats. We’re surrounded by incredible views, our guides and porters are so friendly and helpful, and everyone on the team is just fantastic. We’re walking for miles every day but it just feels so effortless as we stop and take photos, chat and get to know each other better and make each other laugh.”

Tomorrow will be a big day. The trekkers expect it to be the most challenging day on their way to Machu Pichu, with over 1100 meters of elevation to gain over a short distance – the stairs will be steep!

“I expect it to be hard,” said Marsha. “But thankfully our guides and porters will do most of the really hard work carrying our camping gear. Today they were amazing. While we meandered up the trail, the porters went ahead and had lunch ready and waiting. By the time we got to our Llaqtapata camp, the dinner tent and our personal tents were ready for us.”

The weather, while pleasant for most of the day, turned to misty rain late in the afternoon.

“I don’t mind it so much. In fact I kind of enjoy exercising in the rain, so it’s welcome,” said enthusiastically. You go girl! And go team. We look forward to more reports tomorrow.

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