IBD Adventures Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 2014 Team Trekkers

IBD Adventures Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 2014 Team Trekkers

, Tanzania 2014 Team Trekkers

Meet the 2014 IBD Adventures Team Trekkers

Robert Hill Robert Hill

Robert Hill is the inspiration behind the No Guts Know Glory 7 Summits campaign. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 23, having had ostomy surgery several years later to remove his diseased colon, Rob made a commitment to raise awareness of intestinal disease by traveling to far places and climbing to extreme heights. You can read more about Rob’s amazing personal story Rob Hill Story. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter: @roberthillclimb E-mail: rob @ weneedideas.ca

Marsha Akers Marsha Akers

Marsha Akers Born and raised in west Texas – Lubbock,TX. Earned a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Texas in Austin. Worked for IBM 16 years. I have two children, current ages 22 (daughter, Hillary) and 21 (son, Chas). I stayed home with my children for 10 years and I am now back at work in property management working for Riverstone Residential in the corporate office in Dallas, Texas. My son, Chas, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 8. He is doing well and currently on Humira. This will be my first climb.

Charles Roberts Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts Charles Roberts is from Dallas, Texas and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 8. He has had his ups and downs living with the disease over the past 15 years but is currently doing well on Humira. Chas was inspired to start his own non-profit in an attempt to raise awareness of intestinal diseases and has done his best to live beyond his disease by traveling and experiencing all the world has to offer. You can soon check out his non-profit: livingbeyondwithguts.org.

Kevin Ram Kevin Ram

Kevin Ram Hello! My name is Kevin and I’m an aspiring medical student at the University of Victoria. Ultimately, I hope to research gastroenterology and give back to the same community of health care professionals, mentors and friends that helped me through the most difficult years of my life. Currently, I’m a 3rd year microbiology student with a passion for hiking, kickboxing and movies! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 11 years ago and after several hospitalizations, I made the decision to remove my colon. I lived with an ileostomy for 2 years and then at 15, had the reversal to a j-pouch. My health has been sporadic however, I never let it affect my life, goals or hinder opportunities in anyway. I’m all about challenging my body and my mind, pushing myself to new limits while conquering new feats. Despite all the hardships caused by my condition, I could not be happier. Ulcerative Colitis has pushed me to accomplish things I could never have dreamed of and I look at my disease as a blessing in disguise. This is my first IBD adventure and I can’t wait to get started. IBD doesn’t stop me!

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  1. Michele

    Good luck all. Just remember, on that summit night, as the temperature drops and you feel like giving up and going home, and it’s the longest night of your life….you only have another two hours to the top.
    You can do it!

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