7 Day Laugavegur & Fimmvörðuháls Trek in Huts

7 Day Laugavegur & Fimmvörðuháls Trek in Huts, The Laugavegur trail, and Fimmvörðuháls pass are each recognized as amazing hikes by adventurers from around the world. Starting off in Landmannalaugar, we combine these two epic trails for 7 glorious days trekking through multi-colored hills, black sands and verdurous valleys that show off the true spirit of Iceland.

Tour type: Trek from hut to hut with luggage transport and lightweight backpacking tour

What’s included: Guiding, transport, accommodation, full board, transfer of luggage (first 4 days)

Departures: August 22 – 28, 2018

Cost: 2600.00 USD

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights Accommodation: Mountain Huts

Meeting point: BSI bus terminal at 07:15 Group size: 6 to 16 participants Language: English
Walking per day: 4 – 7 hours

Note: This tour is booked for private group

Highlights of the Tour

● The combination of Iceland’s best-known treks

● Fantastic Glacier view

● The wide variety of landscapes

● The colorful rhyolite mountains

Seven-day hike/trek from hut to hut. Transport vehicle assisted for 5 days

By combining two of Iceland’s best-known hikes, you get an unbelievable seven-day trek through incredibly diverse landscapes. From the famous geothermal area of Landmannalaugar to the ever so popular waterfall of Skógar. This path takes us through it all; over multicolored hills and black sands, alongside small gullies and great canyons, through verdurous valleys, between glamorous glaciers, and past wonderful waterfalls. This is a memorable hike littered with contrasts giving you a chance to absorb the true spirit of this remarkable country. Accommodations will be provided in comfortable mountain huts
● Total walking distance: 78 km. (48 miles)

● Altitude: 150 – 1100 m. (490 – 3600 feet)

● Maximum ascent: 1000 m (3280 feet)

● Minimum age: 14 years

Included: Experienced and qualified guide for 7 days, public transport from and to Reykjavík, mountain hut fees, food from lunch day 1 to lunch day 7 and luggage transport from day 1 to day 5
● All the mountain huts are heated, some have electricity and some have hot water. They have dormitories with a single and twin bunk beds and/or mattresses and participants must be prepared to share a bunk with other travelers from the group.
● Accommodation in Reykjavik and pick up and drop off at accommodation can be added.
● Sleeping bag can be rented for 7000 ISK

Due to this trail’s popularity, there is potential for irreparable damage to the nature that we all enjoy. As environmental stewards in Iceland, we are taking a proactive approach to preserving the trail and the surrounding environment by allocating 1% of the tour price

for each passenger to our Environmental Fund. With us, you get to experience this amazing trail and minimize your environmental impact.
Day 1: Reykjavík-Landmannalaugar-Hrafntinnusker

We take the regular public bus from BSI bus terminal, that during the summer months drives the mountain tracks that lead to Landmannalaugar, passing by the Hekla volcano and other volcanoes in the Dómadalur area. Arriving in Landmannalaugar at noon, we have a lunch and then head south into the mountains. The trail takes us past small gorges, steaming hot springs and yellow mountain ridges. We will arrive in the late afternoon at Hrafntinnusker mountain hut, where we will stay the night.

Distance: 12km (7.5 mi) Walking time: 4-5 hrs Ascent: 470 m (1540 ‘)

Day 2: Hrafntinnusker-Álftavatn

From Hrafntinnuskerintoe descend down in the gullies of Jökultungur with hundreds of steaming hot springs and mud pools. Fascinating views to the south to the Álftavatn area (Swan Lake), and the Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull glaciers. In the afternoon we arrive at Álftavatn hut where we stay the night.
Distance: 12km (7.5 mi) Walking time: 4-5 hrs Descent: 490 m (1610 ‘)

Day 3: Álftavatn-Emstrur

We pass at the foot of the green conic volcano of Stórasúla before entering the black deserts of Mælifellssandur. Heading towards another ancient and verdurous volcano, the Hattfell, we enter the Emstrur region where farmers used to graze their sheep in summer. Before arriving at the Botnar hut where we stay the night, we visit the magnificent Markarfljót canyon cut almost 200 m down into the rocks south of Hattfell. Distance: 16km (10 mi) Walking time: 6-7 hrs Descent: 40 m (130 ‘)
Day 4: Emstrur-Þórsmörk

We continue up and down through the small valleys and gullies of Emstrur, where the great Mýrdalsjökull glacier rises only a couple of kilometers away. At the end of the day, the vegetation starts to grow thicker and higher as we descend into Þórsmörk’s (the woods of Thor) green valleys filled with arctic birch forests and colorful flowers. We spend the night in one of the huts in Þórsmörk.

Distance: 17km (10.5 mi) Walking time: 6-7 hrs Descent: 300 m (985 ‘) Day 5: Þórsmörk Valley We spend the day in Þórsmörk where we have an abundance of choice between various paths. For example, we can visit the Sönghellir cave (“Song cave”), climb up the small mountain of Valahnúkur from where the magnificent view can be enjoyed, or hike into the beautifully carved canyon Stakkholtsgjá.

This oasis between the mountains also an ideal place to relax and just enjoy nature. We spend the night in one of the huts in Þórsmörk.
Distance: 5-10 km (3-6 mi) Walking time: 2-5 hrs Ascent/Descent: NA Day 6: Þórsmörk-Fimmvörðuháls Leaving Þórsmörk we cross the river Krossá on a footbridge entering the magic landscapes of Goðalönd – the abode of the Gods.

Nesting at the foot of two glaciers this is a wonderland of ridges and cliffs covered by a multitude of flowers and grasses, certainly, fit for gods and humans alike. Even the elves have made themselves at home here. We continue up the hills leading to the pass of Fimmvörðuháls, walking along the Kattarhryggir ridges with views to the impressive mountain of Útigönguhöfði up to Morinsheiði heath. A the end of the Morinsheiði plateau we enjoy the view of the lava stream that flowed down from the Fimmvörðuháls volcano in March and early April 2010.

The lava is all set with different outlets of fuming steam and decorated with green and yellow sulfur. As we gain height above Morinsheiði we come again to the lava and then to the two craters Magni and Móði that erupted prior to the main Eyjafjallajökull crater.

We cross the brand new lava just at the foot of the magnificent red craters, through places where the lava is almost glowing warm inside the fissures and cracks on its surface. After crossing safely the lava we get a view of the lava and the craters from a hill on the other side, before crossing the néves of the high pass of Fimmvörðuháls, to get to the hut between the glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, where we set up for the night.

Note: Because of difficult access to the hut for vehicles, we will send our extra luggage to the end of the trek at Skógar. Food and sleeping bags/blankets have been stored in the Fimmvörðuháls hut so we only need to carry our sleeping bag liner and toiletries for the night and a little bit of fresh food.

Distance: 12-14 km (7-9 mi) Walking time: 6-7 hrs Ascent: 900 m (2953’) Day 7: Fimmvörðuháls- Skógar-Reykjavík After a night between the two glaciers, we head down to Skógar. At the beginning, the path takes us over a desolate heath past an old hut that does not offer many shelters anymore.

We come to the Skógaá River and follow the river exploring its many hidden gorges, and waterfalls all the way to the famous Skógafoss waterfall. The river and its surroundings offer great scenery. The coast seems to be within arm´s reach and you can almost feel the surf on your cheeks. Arriving at Skógafoss, we hop on the scheduled bus to Reykjavík. Arrival at Reykjavik BSI bus terminal at 7:20 pm, where the trip ends. Distance: 12-13km (7-8 mi) Walking time: 6-7 hrs Descent: 1000 m (3280’) *All of the mountain huts are heated, some have electricity and some have hot water. There are bunk rooms with single and twin beds, participants have to be prepared to share a bed with a stranger.

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