I am always looking for products to add in hydration


Since I am always looking for products to add in hydration, I jumped at a chance to try ORAL IV, to be honest I didn’t know anything about this product going into the trial. I am very impressed with this product and let me tell you why. I live with Crohn’s disease and without my colon, hydration is a daily concern and dehydration is a daily reality.

In addition, I have also been a fully sponsored mountain climber, meaning I was paid to climb and then tell people about why I climbed (to raise awareness for intestinal health and related issues), which requires even more attention to hydration. I tend to believe mountain climbing is possibly the most difficult sport to pursue when your body struggles to absorb electrolytes and water back into the system. It is also incredibly hard to acclimate to altitude without being able to hydrate as efficiently as most others.

When asked to trial a product, I like to take it through everyday life for me. I started off looking at running some tests. For example, training sessions with just water, recovery drinks, electrolyte replacement that as my standard and then training session using ORAL IV and/or a combination of other means of hydration from my standard. In addition I also add in general life activities such as yard work, time with kids and my full-time job.

As a bit of a bonus test, I even managed to get the flu, which really but ORAL IV to the test because when I am sick the impact on hydration is amplified because of my intestinal health issues. It took a bit to get used to ORAL IV, I really had to stay on top of my hydration, which everyone should do anyway. However once I mastered it, I soon realized the benefits of this product.

Obviously the hydration benefit was amazing but since it was effectively supporting my system to absorb water and electrolytes, it was also about to account for my compromised digestive system and improved its overall functioning. I saw improvements with hydration, increased mental alertness, reduction in fatigue, and enhanced mood. Yes, I was happier, I may have even smiled once or twice.

I got asked a couple questions, when I mentioned on a social media personal page, I think it best to answer them now:

Is ORAL IV available without a Dr. prescription? Yes, you can just buy it online at oraliv.com

What do I use it for? Regular hydration, post workout or only when heavily dehydrated? Since ORAL IV aides in hydration, I take pre and post workouts with my personal pre and recovery system also while training to assist in staying hydrated. It has worked it’s way into my personal daily hydration plan. Even though as a climber in the past I have trained my body to work with and understand functioning with little to no fluids, my hope is to not have to face serious dehydration but I will make sure to have ORAL IV on hand if I do.

This has been my experience, I suggest finding a hydration system that works for you, work with it or within it, to be your best!

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