Why we Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Why we Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, This year the IBD Adventures team will be heading back to Mt. Kilimanjaro for its next fundraising campaign. At IDEAS we do a lot with very little, we get some support from industry, but we only ask for what will make our programs happen. We have a very strong base of volunteers, most of whom we have supported in the past through our programs. As we have grown so has our base of amazing people who support us in our goal to support others.

IDEAS uses the monies raised from it’s IBD Adventures to support our programs throughout the year. The money raised this year will go to support kids from British Columbia and Ontario to attend a new Crohn’s and Colitis camp held at Camp Horizon in Kananaskis Alberta and kids from BC to attend UOAC Youth Ostomy Camp Marchcares summer-camp for program information Ostomy Canada events ostomy-youth-camp.

We will also be funding adolescents to participate in the L.E.A.D. program. A leadership based program for kids, to help them develop and accept themselves regardless of their illnesses. For years now IDEAS has sponsored adolescents graduating from Camp Horizon to attend the L.E.A.D program. Easter Seals Canada Campsite Programs Youth Leadership Programs for program information.

Finally, we have recognized a need for more nurses, specialized in Enterostomal Therapy. As any ostomate knows, there is just not enough WOCN/ET’s available. IDEAS will be utilise some of the funds raised to sponsor an RN to attend the ET Nurse Education Program http://www.caetacademy.ca/ We at IDEAS are looking forward to working with CAET on this iniative.

As you can see, these are all very worthy causes and we need help in making these initiatives a reality. Please consider a donation to the IBD Adventures Mount Kilimanjaro trek, every little bit helps. To donate please follow the Canada Helps link on our website or send donations directly to:

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