Aventuras EII equipo en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Beijing Capital

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IBD Adventures team at Beijing Capital International Airport

Most of the team is safe and in the Hotel in Beijing. We are still waiting on the last 3 from our IBD Adventures team to arrive. It has been a long day of travel, with a 15 hour time difference for those of use coming from .Donate to our Canada Helps Charity

Aeropuerto Internacional de Beijing Capital
Aeropuerto Internacional de Beijing Capital

The team was met at the Beijing Capital International Airport by our guide Chris, young active guy, feels like he will very quickly become part of the group. It is always nice to have a personable guide that integrates themselves well in to the group, it helps everyone relax and worry less about the trekking days ahead.

Personally, I am very excited to be here in China, so much history to absorb and such a cultural experience. It has always been a dream to visit “The Great Wall of China”, let alone to set foot on some of its most difficult and ancient sections.

You could start to feel the excitement of being here in the group as we gathered our second wind, during our group dinner.
Everyone is off to get some rest for a big day of site seeing in Beijing, while Chris our guide is off to pick up the remaining at the airport. I will feel better when the team is all together, for now I will try to get some rest as well, we have an exciting day planned tomorrow and I have a nice surprise for the team tomorrow.

Beijing International Airport
Beijing International Airport

Buenas noches, from Beijing!

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