West Coast Trail 2015 Team Trekkers

West Coast Trail 2015 Team Trekkers

Robert Hill Robert HillSponsor Robert Hill

Robert Hill est l'inspiration derrière la No Guts Know Glory campagne 7 Sommets. Un diagnostic de La maladie de Crohn à 23 ans, ayant eu la chirurgie pour stomie quelques années plus tard pour enlever le colon malade, Rob a pris l'engagement de faire connaître la maladie intestinale en se rendant dans des endroits lointains et de monter à des hauteurs extrêmes. Vous pouvez en lire plus à propos de Rob histoire personnelle incroyable Rob Hill Story. N'oubliez pas de le suivre sur Twitter: @ Roberthillclimb E-mail: [email protected]

Phil Wu Phil WuSponsor Phil Wu

Phil, de Richmond, BC, rencontré Rob en 1993 quand ils ont tous deux travaillé chez Motorola. Après avoir suivi Rob Sept Sommets campagne avec beaucoup d'intérêt, Phil a rejoint l' No Guts connaître la gloire Everest offre en tant que randonneur. Avec son amour pour l'aventure, Phil a pris son soutien Aventures MII au sommet du Kilimandjaro en Septembre 2009, au mont Everest Base Camp en 2010, and now as part of the IBD Adventures West Coast Trail team. Suivez Phil sur Twitter:@ Phobos


Aaron Abels Aaron AbelsSponsor Aaron Abels

Hi, my name is Aaron Abels. J'ai 25 ans, and a graduate of the Broadcasting Program at Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta. Vivre avec une stomie depuis l'âge de 7, J'ai rencontré Rob Hill comme un camping-car à Easter Seals Camp Horizon quand j'étais 12. Rob and I have become like brothers over the years and I have always wanted to join him on one of his IBD adventures. Now I finally can, and I get to use my education to help raise awareness by filming a documentary about people with ostomies hiking the West Coast Trail.


John BrennanJohn BrennanSponsor John Brennan

John Brennan is a physician who will be doing the hike with his wife Lynn and youngest son Nolan. Inflammatory bowel disease is a regular part of his professional and personal life as his oldest son has had Ulcerative Colitis for many years. Dr. Brennan believes that IBD will be cured in his lifetime and is honoured to take part in this hike and fundraising.

In his spare time John is very active in many outdoor activities and has completed many marathons and Triathlons, including Ironman. He practises a combination of Family, Sports, Occupational, and Emergency medicine.


Lynn BrennanLynn BrennanSponsor Lynn Brennan

Lynn Brennan is the mother of three boys. She will be completing the hike with her husband John and youngest son Nolan. The hike was initiated for Nolan’;s voyage d'anniversaire avec nous. It was a bonus that it is a fundraiser for IBD as our oldest son has it and successfully carries on with life. Our family is happy to support future research and development for IBD

Lynn is a former elementary teacher who enjoys many athletic endeavours. She is looking forward to the challenge of the hike and the beauty of the area


Nolan BrennanNolan BrennanSponsor Nolan Brennan

I am getting excited for this trip!

A short Bio of me would be:
; I love the outdoors
; Biking, canoeing and fishing are my favourite activities outside
; I have a BA and BEd from Nipissing University
; I like learning about history
; Currently working for the Ontario Gov’;t
; I grew up with two other brothers. My parents are joining me on this trip for my 25th birthday (was in Feb not during the trip)
; I don’;t-il vraiment beaucoup de dégoûts


Gill PooleGill PooleSponsor Gill Poole

Gill Poole Hi, my name is Gillian (Gill) Poole and I will be one your guides for this awesome trip.. I have been guiding for Sea to Sky expeditions for the past five summers. During the winters I am a Nordic ski instructor, snowshoe guide, host and basically anything my boss requires up at Cypress Bowl near Vancouver. I also guide-instruct school groups in the outdoors during the spring and fall. I am looking forward to our hike together, the great times we will create and all the laughter.


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  1. Paul Head

    S'il vous plaît savoir, I will be along with you all in “;spirit”;, et priez votre aventure est remplie d'émerveillement, rire, fonds levés, sécurité, and a big slab of Chocolate Eruption…;sur moi!

    Much love

    super Lower,
    alias: Paul

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