Hello from Tanzania!

Hello from Tanzania

Hello from Tanzania!, I am excited to tell all of you that the IBD Adventures team is all here safely and getting adjusted to our home for the next 2 weeks. Kevin and I arrived on Saturday after an 18 hour day of planes, airports, and quick service food.

Since our arrival over the weekend, we have visited some local sites, including a beautiful waterfall and lake close to the hotel. We have already met our safari tour guide, Win Luck, who will be taking over the lead after we return from Kilimanjaro next week. It has been an amazing experience seeing the team members taking in the culture and becoming more aware of how others in the world survive each day. Personally it has been wonderful for me to come back to the Marangu Hotel and see so many familiar faces among the staff; it is almost like coming home.

Our plan is to leave the Marangu Hotel early tomorrow morning to head to the Mount Kilimanjaro Park gates and start our journey upwards. Looking forward to starting our climb tomorrow! With the 10 hour time difference from Vancouver and the spotty internet connection, it has been a bit difficult to keep everyone updated but we will keep the posts coming as often as possible. Finally, I want to apologize for the lack of photos thus far but as I mentioned our internet connection is not the greatest right now so we will send some as soon as we can.

Good night!

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