IBD Adventures Team 3rd Day Black Dragon Pools

IBD Adventures Team 3rd Day Black Dragon Pools

IBD Adventures Team 3rd Day Black Dragon Pools., we took a break from the Great Wall, and went to a beautiful national park containing over eighteen Black Dragon Pools. The entry to the the Black Dragon Pools was an ice cream shop. We temporarily bypassed the snacks hoping we would get them at the end of the day, and we commenced our trek. Our goal was to find Beijing’s number 1 waterfall. Donate to our Canada Helps Charity

The weather was perfect for a hike, misty and cool. Our route along the dragon pools provided the contrasting sights of beautiful rock walls smoothed by years of water running over them, and fluorescent float boats. Price to be bargained before entry. The lush forest resembled something out of Jurassic Park – leaves dripping with fresh rain, a foggy mist covered the valley, and in every step were coiled black and gold millipedes . It was wack.

The hike was very challenging because all the rain made the steep hills slick with mud, and many of the paths were almost blocked with vegetation. However even with all the bushwacking and challenging terrain, all of us still found our beautiful waterfall!

Each day has brought its own challenges and I have learnt that when you are hiking like this it is impossible to think about anything else, that you just take one step at a time. We started out as a group of mostly strangers, and yet every day we become closer as a team. Through every day we share, our stories, our hopes and our ibuprofen. It is hard to believe we are halfway through this ! Tinna Ezekiel

The Black Dragon Pool is a famous pond in the scenic Jade Spring Park (Yu Quan Gong Yuan) located at the foot of Elephant Hill, a short walk north of the Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan province, China. It was built in 1737 during the Qing Dynasty and offers a spectacular view on the region’s tallest mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, over its white marble bridge. The park features several smaller temples and pavilions:

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