IBD Adventures Team 5th Day Mutianyu Great Wall

IBD Adventures Team 5th Day Mutianyu Great Wall

IBD Adventures Team 5th Day Mutianyu Great Wall., Today would be the last day the team would spend on The Wall and the last steps we would share altogether; yes it is coming to that stage of the trip when it is time to say our goodbyes.Donate to our Canada Helps Charity

We reached a high point on the trip with a visit to the Mutianyu section of The Wall, an area that has been restored to its original glory. The Mutianyu section of the Wall made travel easy of our trekking skills that have been challenged on less civilized, more remote and certainly less travel section.

Although our strength and aptitude for the wall has increased, I am not sure the team was ready to share our Wall with others. We have walked sections few will ever travel or even look upon. We have spent days on The Wall, without seeing another person outside of our group, maybe the odd farmer working his fields. We will never fully understand the history behind The Wall, or know the pain and suffering that it took to build, attack and defend it, but I think we all walk away making it a part of us.

With a steep accent of the Heavenly stairway, hugging , shaking hands, the IBD Adventures Team had another successful trek to another incredible part of the World.
We have made friends along the way, shared stories, met with a foundation here in China working to support patients, and will walk away better for it all. The plan is always to reach our goal, have a safe and enjoyable trek, but this is all for a greater good and a worthy cause. All the Trekkers on our IBD Adventures Team, live with IBD, or support someone who does.

We join the team to prove we can reach our goals in support of others, to show we can despite living with IBD, encourage others to do so as well and to support the patient programs of IDEAS. If you have enjoyed following along on this journey to The Great Wall, join an IBD Adventure to helps us raise funds to support IDEAS and give now, every bit helps.

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