IBD Adventures Team 6th Day Night market

As the team separates back in Beijing, new friends will be missed, but it is that time. Still one last night out for a special Peking Duck dinner with the remaining team members, memories are shared, tales from the weeks travels get told, we share laughs and the company of great friends.Donate to our Canada Helps Charity

Odd that we are inclined to visit the night food market, while stuffed with duck, but that might be the strategy for all of us. The night market is filled with food carts, piled with anything and everything you can fry. Including Scorpion, squid and silk worm larva, more a place to come and challenge or gastrointestinal track then to find appetizing food.

The smell of the market its self was even more off putting the some of the chosen delicacies. When, “deep fried bed pan” best describes the odor that first hits you when you walk into the market, it is hard to even think about eating the delicacies at hand.

We did get a couple brave souls willing to try a small deep fried Scorpion, looks of surprise and discus on those eating and those of use surrounding them. The main feedback being, it tasted like grilled shrimp with shell left on.

Thankfully, the market was closing for the night and everyone was happy to exit, maybe not the best place to visit when digestive tracks are already in question

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