IBD Adventures Team Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall

IBD Adventures Team Jinshanling Great Wall., With a slight change in plans due to the possibility of another lightning storm, we decide it is easier and offers better protection if the weather does turn bad to switch today’s trek to the Jinshanling Section. Even in over cast weather this section of the wall does not disappoint.Donate to our Canada Helps Charity

Offering spectacular views as the team swiftly traveled from one tower to the next. As the towers we passed through and over, sit in different state of ruin or repair, the true purpose of The Great wall was very apparent, with Mongolia to one side and China to the other.

The team has started to gel and become accustomed to the terrain we are passing over and through each day, which makes for a smooth transition over the rougher broken down sections of The Wall. It is very nice to see each team member find their stride and work with and for each other, either by lending a hand, taking the perfect picture or saving them from the local souvenir seller.

Yes, we had 4 new members to the team today, well most of the day, the local farmers; use this section, like most sections of The Wall to sell to the tourists. Only unlike most sections where once you get out of the parking lots you are free of them, here they are more than willing to join you on the day’s journey, hold your hand during the steep sections, and ask where are you from over and over. Harmless enough, but the thrill was gone very early, thankfully our guide asked them to leave us alone and they did.

This company of pushy sales people, only provided a moment of distraction from the beauty that surrounded us, cut in half by the wall we stood on, gracing us with access to the best view. It is hard to understand how in such beauty someone could harbor enough resentment to go to war, but I gather such richness in land is worth want to have and hold.

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