Off to Cusco, Peru

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Off to Cusco, Peru

Off to Cusco Peru

Most of the team spent the day in Lima yesterday, enjoying the sights and sounds from around the city while waiting for the last two trekkers to arrive from Canada. The Lima tour included some ancient sights, including areas that were built even before the Inca! Late in the day, the last of the arrived.

Early this morning, the team was up and off for their flight to Cusco. Cusco sits at 3500 meters above sea level, which makes for quite a shock to the system. The team spent the day in Cusco sightseeing, enjoying the local food and picking up souvenirs. Early tomorrow they’ll start on their trekking journey on the Inca trail towards their goal – Machu Pichu.

“I’m very pleased with how quick the team is coming together,” said , founder. “It’s not surprising though as they all have much in common, having been touched by intestinal disease in one way or another and in their shared desire to speak up about these terrible illnesses.”

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