On the West Coast Trail

On the West Coast Trail

IBD Adventures WCT team

The team arrived at the trail head yesterday and spent their day walking to what Rob described as a gorgeous beach-side camping spot. The weather was grey and drizzly, but didn’t dampen the trekkers excitement to get started on this historic trek along Canada’s national treasure – the wild and rugged West Coast Trail.

Today they’ll hike along the shoreline and into the rain forest before edging back along the shoreline and then doing it all again. The team will have tough choices to make: “do I look to the left and see the wild Pacific Ocean crashing against the rocky shoreline and perhaps missing the biggest trees I’ll ever see as they pass by on the right?” Thankfully, they’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy both majestic sights!

The team is doing well, tired after their first day on the trail and adjusting to life away from their respective “real worlds.” The first few days are always the most difficult to adjust as we look back towards home and the loved ones who may be just starting back to school or headed back to their careers after the summer holidays.

On the West Coast Trail 2

Paul Head looks left to the Pacific on the West Coast Trail

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