Paul’s pre-trip musings

I could not stop humming the old BJ Thomas song “Rain drops keep fallin on my head”, while peering out at the gloom today. For most of the summer the West Coast Trail had basked in sunshine, and now a scant 6 days away, Mother Nature reminded me again of who was really in charge!

For the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of delivering excited trekkers to the West Coast Trail as a driver with Sea to Sky Expeditions. Our guides would do a thorough gear check, which would be followed by a scrumptious, gourmet dinner at the Country Kitchen in Port Renfrew (fresh Fish & Chips please, with Chocolate Avalanche cake for dessert), then it was off to our tents for a night filled with anticipation of the early start the following morning.

Bright and chipper the next morning our camp was a beehive of activity as everyone made their last minute pack adjustments, trying to figure out how to get the 10 lb. food bag and tent in that already heavy bag. Amid grins and laughter, perhaps even a little “colourful” language” filled the air, as gaiters were put on, often for the first time. All too soon it was reality time, and the group marched down to the ferry like a platoon of soldiers, albeit slightly out of step. It was then my turn, much like a grieving Father standing forlorn on a misty dock, to wave good bye, to watch my “kids” set off to do battle with the elements.

A bit dramatic, perhaps, but having had the opportunity to share both the anxiety and nervous build up to several IBD Adventure quests, this West Coast Trail journey is a big one on my bucket list. Rob Hill, our successful 7 Summits leader, will share his passion on raising awareness of intestinal disease, ostomy and IDEAS. It has also been my experience, lifetime bonds are formed on these treks, as collectively we share our triumphs, the mental and physical trail challenges, while embracing the famous “Wet Coast MUD!”. There is nothing quite like the glow you see on your fellow teammates faces, while sharing and enjoying a hot coffee or Tea after a long, gruelling day on trail.

This overwhelming warmth fills Old Super Bajes soul, and come more rain, or shine, I am ready to “Leap and the net will surely appear”. In the meantime, I must admit, I will pray the sun returns! We welcome you to join and support us, together, we trek this trail of Happy Destiny. ~Paul Head

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