You went up to that mountain as one person, and have come down a very different being

You went up to that mountain as one person, and have come down a very different being

Grandfather and Mountain Elder

Yesterday, while at work–yes I tend to do that from time to time–I was handed this wonderful piece of writing which you will find below. It had arrived via mail, along with hand painted “summit stones” for each member of our IBD Adventures Team. Each of these priceless gifts was packed along with a magnificent booklet filled with various adventure musings. Last night was spent both looking and absorbing my new kindred friend’s web blog, as well as the musings in the little handbook.

I sent my new friend an email for permission to share both his thoughts on our team, as well as his blog. What a remarkable and talented individual this latest journey has introduced me too; it would seem the magical gifts of the Universe continue to unfold in countless ways. Karibu…. Paul

There is real magic, a spirit of alchemy in being able to turn adversity into adventure, in changing barriers into opportunities and some hardy adventurers of IBD Adventures are now underway doing just that with a climb on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Their slogan of “Changing attitudes with altitude” is a wonderfully simple, powerful concept which truly says it all – one we could all embrace in our own wandering ways…

There are some in my own family who themselves have severe IBS and a close colleague who also has Crohn’s disease. Raising awareness and support for these serious disorders is what IBD Adventures is all about.

Such endeavours help us all re-frame what is and is not a barrier in our lives. They support a better understanding of what can be done notwithstanding the personal terrain we each face. This kind of spirit and effort especially focus certain inspirational light on all that is really possible. We all face adversity… Some though, are climbing such mountains almost every moment of their lives…

Time to look up those words again: Challenge & Character.

We’ll likely find the names of the IBD Adventure Climb Leader, Rob Hill, and Clinton Shard the youngest on this Team, as well as all the rest of their adventurous group.

Please visit their link below to read more as they make their way in a journey of giving back and passing forward.

“Changing attitudes with altitude”… Don’t you just love that…


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